About Us

Whacky old man narrating his romance on stage or a young girl telling her story on road, we do it all ! !

We make you laugh in stage dramawe make you aware of life’s trauma
we make you question the oldwe make you create the new
on stage, on roadwe create the world with you

Ahmedabad is a culture treasure & we dig this city to find the hidden artist & put together a meaningful show

About Akshat Drama Group

Founded in 2013 with the impactful ‘Ek Prashna Ek Vichar’ theatre-based social awareness campaign, Akshat Drama Group has evolved into a versatile artistic entity. From theatre performance to film production, casting agency, creative marketing events, and more, we’ve diversified our portfolio to encompass various forms of artistic expression.

At our studio in Ahmedabad, we host workshops like ‘Filmy कक्षा’ and vibrant Artist Club Events such as ‘जिजीविषा’ (Poetry Club), Pocket Diary Book Club .


Our vision at ADG is to transform Ahmedabad into India’s cultural nucleus, where art thrives alongside its commercial significance. We aim to make the city synonymous with art and establish ADG as a business with a conscience—earning while giving back.


Education and awareness are the keystones of our mission. We strive to foster empathy by:

  • Providing opportunities for city residents to direct, act, or organize performances.
  • Creating and managing diverse events across the city.
  • Entertaining and educating through impactful storytelling.


At ADG, we drive artists towards finding happiness through hard work. We courageously raise issues often ignored, amplifying unheard but equally significant voices. Our belief in conducting business with a conscience guides our every endeavor.