10 things you did’nt know about Children’s day

The world celebrates their children on 20th of November but India wishes its children a happy children’s day on 14th of November

On an average, a 4 year old child asks 437 questions a day. . . (or more)

A 3 year old boy’s voice is louder than 200 adults in a gathering! ! !

His love for innocent young hearts is well known but Pandit Nehru was said to be India’s special child on his becoming the first prime minister after independence.

We promised our children all the care & love in the world. But not every child gets the freedom to enjoy childhood.

Celebrating children’s day universally was suggested by an Indian,

V.K. Krishna Menon & later was adopted by UN General Assembly

For children, Watching television alone can act as a painkiller. . .

grown ups bitch & smile, Children play & laugh

I brought children into this dark world because it needed the light that only a child can bring

-unknown author

The dirtier they are, happier they are

So Lets become a child once again, 

laugh without a reason, 

play without a care

& most of all

have lots of happiness to share

Watch Chotu Chaiwala at


Chotu Chaiwala (A short film) by Akshat Drama Group

Chotu Chaiwala goes on air

Chotu Chaiwala is a story which ventures deep into education & human perspective. The country promises each & every citizen to provide education as the most basic right, a fundamental right. A right which a child has since birth, which he can claim, but the question is, from whom?

A small child who has a dream, of books, of papers, of education finds a piece of paper thrown away by kids playing, the nurtured ones. He finds it, treasures it, feels connected to his dreams but again loses it to reality. Nevertheless, he does not lose hope.

Life is all about being happy. He was happy in whatever he got, be it a simple piece of paper. It all depends on perspective. How one thinks of an object.

Hope is beautiful



Throughout the movie, the protagonist does not lose hope. He moves on, not getting something does not mean he cannot be happy with what he has.


What may be a piece of paper to one can sometimes become a source of hope to another. This is our very first visual production completed in 4 days of a life altering experience because we found our calling on the sets.


This movie raised our sympathy to those kids. There are many of us not even bothering to look at them with anything other than scorn or worse, indifference. If this movie makes one mind aware, then it’s worth it.

Awareness raises sympathy & out of 100 such people, one of them will do something more. That, is our goal


People call me a passion. I call myself artist.

Name: Sultan Baig

Age: Can’t recall the precise figure

Currently exhibition at: Ahmedabad Haat, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Working since: Class VIII, around 22 years

Type: Family Business

Place of birrth: Udaigiri (Mysore, Karnataka, India)

Master of: Woodwork

Ever since I can remember, I have watched my father caress small but sharp pieces of wood with a loving smile. 

Like a mother feeds, plays & teaches its child. My father used to cut wood, paint wood, create wood out of wood.

I inherited this love for wood from him.

A lot many things I wanted to say to the interviewer, but they asked the limited. 

How many exhibits I have done? Difficulties I have faced in business? etc etc

How could I face difficulties when I do the things I travel so far for even if I do not have the money to return home.

How could I face difficulties in creating unique pieces of wood art even if people do not purchase it.

Life is good.

To what they asked me:

Yes, I have done 185 individual exhibitions of my work. Business is not a guarantee in each of them.

Like here, in Ahmedabad, it has been 3 days & I have not earned even 1000/- Rs.

I have no money to go back home & that is why I am waiting here every day for someone to stop & buy instead of

stop & inquire indifferently.

What I can say is I am satisfied. I provide employment to 3 more like me, someone who loves his work, but never learned how to sell them.

It takes around two & half hours to make 1 small piece of art. The instrument I use to cut & polish wood is a

sharp string tied to a C shaped wood. I feel like Amitabh Bachhan of movie Coolie.

I too give my blood & sweat to create what others give Rs 100/- for.

I am currently making a temple, a mode of devotion. People worship gods. I worship work.

(Written by the interviewer from what he heard & saw in 2 rounds of interview)

Price of his current work:

Woodowl big size – Rs 190/-

Woodowl small size – Rs 140/-

A joint of woodowl big size – Rs 350/-

A joint of woodowl small size – Rs 275/-

Idol of Ganesha & Krishna – Rs 375/-

A rural house – Rs 200/-

A snake – Rs 75/-

Keychain – Rs 20/-

Round Container Small – Rs 20/-

Round Container Big – Rs 30/-

Keyholder – Ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 300/- (depending on piece to piece)

Penstand – Rs 100/-

From the interviewer:

The artist is a regular worker of Belapur, 200 kilometers from Ahmedabad, near Mumbai (Maharashtra, India)

He loves the place where artist like him gather a market on the roads & exhibit the colourful wonders of life.

Business may or may not happen, but a round of laughter is guaranteed amongst themselves.

If art is not the soul of life, then I don’t know what is…

Just Think It Once – Play

Just Think It Once Play |  At Divya Bhaskar House | Akshat Drama Group  …

On World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) is observed around the world every year on May 31. It is intended to encourage a 24-hour period of abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption around the globe. The day is further intended to draw attention to the widespread prevalence of tobacco use and to negative health effects, which currently lead to nearly 6 million deaths each year worldwide, including 600,000 of which are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke.[1] The member states of the World Health Organization (WHO) created World No Tobacco Day in 1987. In the past twenty years, the day has been met with both enthusiasm and resistance around the globe from governments, public health organizations, smokers, growers, and the tobacco industry.

To mark the day, Akshat Drama Group in association with GCS Medical Hospital & Divya Bhaskar created & performed at 4 locations on the occasion:


The play was based on effects of tobacco & smoking in resulting cancer. 

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death.Lung cancer is also the most preventable form of cancer death in the world.Besides lung cancer, tobacco use also increases the risk for cancers of almost any & every organ of the body. (mouth, lips, nose and sinuses, voice box, throat, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, kidney, bladder, uterus, cervix, colon/rectum, ovary) 

Watch the play & let us know how do you find it 🙂

Join us to perform & increase creativity & happiness in the world

Marriage is a certificate of ownership

Before my marriage, my father is my guardian. After my marriage, my husband is my guardian.


I am a woman.

During the research, I was just strolling through the sunny lanes of a village (Khambat, Gujarat) when I decided to stop & engage the local store keeper (ironically a woman) about the local gossip. She was quite delighted to have a gossip partner & shamelessly (as we all do) started to relate about a young bride welcomed into the house at the end of the lane. Apparently, after a few days of marriage, she ran away & before that, even had the guts to report her husband to the local constable!

‘But of course, the constable was a sensible man she said. I inferred that her husband must have done something wrong & said so to her. ‘Of course not! He did not do anything’ she laughed. I requested her to divulge some juicy details & she was quite glad to be the information keeper of other households. ‘The bride accused her husband of marital rape. What is that? She was crazy! & further when the police refused to register an FIR, she decided to run away. Of course she would. A deer caught in headlights!’

A man is not against a woman. It is not the gender that discriminates, it is the perception.

I was very much interested in my gossip lady & asked her if her husband wanted to make love whenever he wants to, ‘even if you are suffering from high fever, will you not mind?’ She being a village lady, blushed but answered like a matter of fact, unquestionable.

‘YES, of course!’

I kept up the string of questions & she had an ‘of course’ to each of them such as:

  • ·       â€˜Do you believe a man is above woman?’ – ‘Of course’.
  • ·       â€˜Who should cook?’ – ‘Ghar ki aurat, of course’ (Lady of the house)

Apparently, what I can say is that in all these answers, the woman cannot have a voice or rather, a choice.

I wanted to wake up before him, see him, and kiss him. My sleep was broken at dawn due to unbearable pain in my abdomen. Before I could get my senses working, I opened my eyes to see his mouth descending on mine without allowing me a breath. I was asleep when my body was used without me being aware of it. I was shocked. My foot was twisted for 15 minutes. I did not protest to him making love with me. I protested to him forgetting my pain in his satisfaction. Rape happens, weather inside the bedroom or outside. The only difference that consent makes is that: Either it is making love or it is slavery.

Domestic Violence Act 2005 Section 3 as widely believed to be an option for the victims of marital rape, is not one. Unless the victim is grievously hurt in the act. Am I supposed to quote a twisted foot, sleeplessness & shock of my body being used without me being a party to it?

Nature made Adam & Eve to be in love, it did not, never did make laws of happiness in a relationship. If marriage is a sacred institution, so should be the smiles that comes with it.

Every law is being misused, for that reason alone, there should be no law. A meek woman, hardly knowing her rights, will never be in a position to respect herself if the law does not respect her as a woman.

If the only solution is legal separation or annulment. What if she cites the reason being – ‘Marital Rape’. Will you let her live with it? I will give you the answer, ‘she is crazy’. During my research, I came across people who knew about cases of marital rape in their circle but could not name them due to defaming the lady. The reason, as I came to know, being cited in divorce petition was ‘incompatibility’. And even though she is the victim, she becomes the ‘home-breaker’.


TOTAL – 604



Life of an artist

2 minutes to happiness vs 8 hours of pain


This pretty much sums up my relief after removing(read:pulling on my skin) the makeup and running away from the spot.

Next day:

Again I come back without learning my lesson because I am an artist/idiot.

Standing there for 7 hours without moving even when a rope is grinding in my already empty stomach and people are looking at me as if I am a scientific discovery to explore is something which an artist can feel.

An artist only wants appreciation. 

This proved true in my case.

The moment a visitor enters the room, looks at the work, appreciates. I climb the Himalayas.

& then, they keep standing there, looking around at leisure,
I fall down & get ready to throttle them with the rope around my stomach.(Oh! from the inside)

From the outside, I am a perfect, mute STATUE 🙂


I read that he sat still for 4 hours to put the makeup on.

4 hours to remove the makeup. (Movie:PA)

and not to forget delivering your perfect act in between with the heavy makeup.

All for a few million wondering, appreciating, adoring eyes.

On a local platform, I can relate to the pain he suffered.

1 hour of makeup-

putting on second skin which will not come out without a fight-

Sacrificing my hair to the battle-

Putting on a bottle inside the shirt with a tight grinding rope to hold it in place-

I am sure I will never get wrinkles now.

Inspite of all this frustration, 

I am happy when appreciation comes.


I am the happiest when I run away after removing it all.


First of its kind Live Exhibition

Venue: Conflictorium (Conflictorium, Museum of Conflict, Gool Lodge opposite R.C School of Commerce, Mirzapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380001 – 079 2562 0747)

Date: 02/10/2014-08/10/2014 Timing: 12-7 pm

Dreams make you bitchy

When I dream, I am a bitch. I am constantly jealous of other people. 

When I start working on the dream, I am a nag. I keep pestering everyone about why the deuce am I doing something I saw in a dream & can remember only faint whispers of it.

A month later, If I am still working on it. . . I am hopeful, I smile

If people don’t like it, I wont bitch. Because, I did’nt give up. . . on my dream


I ll be sad if people call it a fail but I wont bitch. The fight made me grow and growth, is always a success

-from the sets of Chotu Chaiwala

 6 am

Akshat:Because the dream never dies

With a vision to revive the passion lost in the pollution of a monotonic life, a drama fanatic mind, Mr. Chirag Pandya formed Akshat drama group to spread social awareness away from books, to the heart…

The recent success story as shared by leading newspapers of the country on U & ME AGAINST DENGUE staged in schools, societies & slum areas spread across Ahmedabad was a ride to the goal.
Commercial to survive & voluntary gifts to society is the strategy followed in Akshat
Akshat strives to achieve a two way objective:
Spread & Receive love