Chotu Chaiwala (A short film) by Akshat Drama Group

Chotu Chaiwala goes on air

Chotu Chaiwala is a story which ventures deep into education & human perspective. The country promises each & every citizen to provide education as the most basic right, a fundamental right. A right which a child has since birth, which he can claim, but the question is, from whom?

A small child who has a dream, of books, of papers, of education finds a piece of paper thrown away by kids playing, the nurtured ones. He finds it, treasures it, feels connected to his dreams but again loses it to reality. Nevertheless, he does not lose hope.

Life is all about being happy. He was happy in whatever he got, be it a simple piece of paper. It all depends on perspective. How one thinks of an object.

Hope is beautiful



Throughout the movie, the protagonist does not lose hope. He moves on, not getting something does not mean he cannot be happy with what he has.


What may be a piece of paper to one can sometimes become a source of hope to another. This is our very first visual production completed in 4 days of a life altering experience because we found our calling on the sets.


This movie raised our sympathy to those kids. There are many of us not even bothering to look at them with anything other than scorn or worse, indifference. If this movie makes one mind aware, then it’s worth it.

Awareness raises sympathy & out of 100 such people, one of them will do something more. That, is our goal