Whacky old man narrating his romance on stage or a young girl telling her story on road, we do it all ! !

We make you laugh in stage dramawe make you aware of life’s trauma
we make you question the oldwe make you create the new
on stage, on roadwe create the world with you

Ahmedabad is a culture treasure & we dig this city to find the hidden artist & put together a meaningful show


Launched in 2013 with a theatre performance based social awareness campaign ‘Ek prashna Ek vichar’, Akshat Drama Group has diversified itself to various art forms of theatre performance, Film Production, Casting Agency, Creative Marketing Events, Theatre & Film


Workshops (Filmy कक्षा) and Artist Club Events like जिजीविषा (Poetry Club) at our studio in Ahmedabad.


ADG’s vision is to make Ahmedabad the culture hub of India. With its commercial significance, make it a synonym of art. ADG is business with a conscience. We earn but we give.


Education, Awareness to create Sympathy

Providing opportunities to the city residentsto direct, act or organize a performanceto create & manage events across the cityto entertain & educate with a good story


We drive the artist to hug the approach of hard work to happiness. Also, we raise forbidden issues to let the world know of those unheard but equally sad voices.because we believe in business with a conscience.