Life of an artist

2 minutes to happiness vs 8 hours of pain


This pretty much sums up my relief after removing(read:pulling on my skin) the makeup and running away from the spot.

Next day:

Again I come back without learning my lesson because I am an artist/idiot.

Standing there for 7 hours without moving even when a rope is grinding in my already empty stomach and people are looking at me as if I am a scientific discovery to explore is something which an artist can feel.

An artist only wants appreciation. 

This proved true in my case.

The moment a visitor enters the room, looks at the work, appreciates. I climb the Himalayas.

& then, they keep standing there, looking around at leisure,
I fall down & get ready to throttle them with the rope around my stomach.(Oh! from the inside)

From the outside, I am a perfect, mute STATUE 🙂


I read that he sat still for 4 hours to put the makeup on.

4 hours to remove the makeup. (Movie:PA)

and not to forget delivering your perfect act in between with the heavy makeup.

All for a few million wondering, appreciating, adoring eyes.

On a local platform, I can relate to the pain he suffered.

1 hour of makeup-

putting on second skin which will not come out without a fight-

Sacrificing my hair to the battle-

Putting on a bottle inside the shirt with a tight grinding rope to hold it in place-

I am sure I will never get wrinkles now.

Inspite of all this frustration, 

I am happy when appreciation comes.


I am the happiest when I run away after removing it all.


First of its kind Live Exhibition

Venue: Conflictorium (Conflictorium, Museum of Conflict, Gool Lodge opposite R.C School of Commerce, Mirzapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380001 – 079 2562 0747)

Date: 02/10/2014-08/10/2014 Timing: 12-7 pm