Indian Classical Vocal

Aadil and Salman Khan belong to a musical lineage of Agra gharana. They started learning music since a young age under their grandfather Ustad Ghulam Ahmed Khan’s tutelage. Later, the brothers joined Saptak School of Music and have been studying classical music since then under the guidance of their maternal uncle Ustad Shaukat Hussain Khan, son of the Legendary vocalist Ustad Sharafat Hussain Khan. Aadil and Salman believe themselves to be a lifelong student of music and continue to pursue classical music. Their intention with these classes is to promote the rich culture and tradition of Hindustani Classical Music and assist individuals pursue it in the best way possible. Individuals who share the same enthusiasm as they do for this tremendous art form.

Theatre Classes

Theatre is a culmination of all art forms thus, these classes will provide an in-depth dive of various disciplines of Arts like painting, poetry, literature, music, film, architecture etc. The students will learn the approaches of authentic and organic acting. These classes will explore realistic and non-realistic techniques of acting and direction. The techniques of acting include; The Meisner Technique, The Michael Chekhov Technique, The Stanislavski System and more. The direction classes will have eastern and western approaches with a detailed study of Aesthetics. The aim of these classes is to build an informed and authentic artist.